PCNW PRESENTS: 2017-2018

Photographers have expressed a need for guidance in the art market; galleries deserve greater support for the on-the-job education they provide artists new to this realm. PCNW has selected ten photographers—emerging, mid-career, and master—who do not have gallery representation in the Northwest to be a part of PCNW PRESENTS for a fixed period of time. A selection of their works will be on view, and for sale, in our alcove exhibition space and online. Private studio visits, as well as conversations, lectures, and panels in our public programs will engage PCNW PRESENTS artists and issues.

The artists are…

Tim Barney

mary Callahan

Ernie Flowers


Susan Gans

 Daniel Hawkins

Marcia Glover

James kuan

James Lockwood (Image Pending)

Joseph Panizzo

polly Purvis

Keeara Rhoades