Student work: Ella Ordona, Revelog

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Alumni: Michael Stadler, Fighting Water 4


Whether you need to learn your camera, get your hands wet in the darkroom, or expand your practice through more challenging conceptual and practical offerings — there is something here for you. With summer comes a flexible schedule of programs from week-long classes, 5 week classes, 8 week classes, and workshops. If one of these doesn’t work for you, but there’s still a goal you have for summer, consider one-on-one digital tutoring.


Photography I: B&W
Photography I: Digital
Shooting, Editing & Printing with Lightroom
Photography II: Digital
Printing a Night Photography Portfolio [Digital]
Light Control
The Art of Portraiture: Photographing in Natural Light
Creative Night Photography
Design for Photographers
DIY Photography: Experimental and Alternative Projects


Alternative Digital Printing
Adobe Lightroom Fundamentals
Digital Photography Foundations (Section 2)
Intro to Black & White Digital Photography
Conservation Photography
Developing with Pyro PMK
Digital Negatives and Contact Printing
Introduction to Documentary Photography
Introduction to Studio Lighting & Establishing Your Personal Studio
iPhone Photography
Mixed Media Photo Transfers, Resin, and Photo Jewelry
Storytelling with Photographs
Matting and Framing on a Budget
Portfolio Reviews
One-on-one Tutoring – Digital Lab

Crash courses:

Crash Course in Digital SLR Photography
Crash Course in Black & White Photography
Crash Course in Black & White Printing
Crash Course in Daylight Shooting
Crash Course in Adobe Photoshop

Student work: Ella Ordona, Revelog

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