Stewart Nagae, Sonya
In the upstairs gallery…

Our Lives …

Fleeting Timelines

Students of Photo II: Digital

November 1 – December 31, 2013

Artist’s Reception: Friday, November 8, 6-8 PM


Curated by Photo Center NW instructor, Keeara Rhoades, this exhibit includes past works of Photo II: Digital students. Through intensive hands-on work throughout the quarter, Photo II: Digital students explore advanced digital photography techniques, creating visually sophisticated fine art photographs. Artists include: Melissa Fenno, Sarah King-Besse, Dennis Lussier, Jim Zhu Miller, Stuart Nagae, Anna Ream, Fabienne Ruault, Jeffrey Sewell, Erin Spencer, and Britland Tracy.

The aging digital hand lends to magical, immediate yet intangible moments preserved, rendering Our Lives … Fleeting Timelines.

Highlighting outstanding digital color photography, these select student photographs acknowledge our physicality, social presence and impact upon one another over sustained time.

Our Lives … Fleeting Timelines ponders

the rituals practiced or paths traveled celebrating or exploring luminous moments, all fleeting and sustained.

security, comfort, the need for another as a supporting object, space, mother, another …

the face that masks or reveals conditions of being human, of balancing chaos with order, of designing fantasy into a life of exclusion or constraint.

revelation and protection against self and social imposing.

Our Lives … Fleeting Timelines delves within dwellings inhabited, decorating our eyes and mind with sentiments …

commitment, exhaustion, security, unraveling, curiosity, triumph, possession, regression, passion, circumstance, survival, revival, companion, connections …

gifts within and without ourselves …
just purely being.