In the gallery…

Center NW

Thesis Exhibition
June 10 – July 31, 2010

Featuring: Elisa Huerta-Enochian, Alexis Henry, Helen Vogel

Artists’ Reception & Graduation: Thursday, June 10, 6-9 PM
Artists’ Lectures:
Friday, June 25, 7 PM, Open to the Public, Free

The Photo Center NW is pleased to announce the opening of our annual thesis exhibition showcasing the work of three students who have completed the Certificate in Fine Art Photography. Each photographer has a vision and project that is uniquely their own, and together they share a passion for creative photography and a mastery of their medium.


Elisa Huerta-Enochian’s series of color photographs entitled Interior Landscape, explores the boundaries of emotions that are not normally shared, acknowledged or displayed. Her interior landscapes look at the self and the discovery of problematic states that are universally human. These self portraits reveal her feelings and her process of self-examination leading to a greater acceptance of one’s own humanity. Elisa’s project displays a three year period of growth entering into adulthood and the world around her. All the photographs where taken in the Pacific Northwest.

the farm is one woman’s journey through an unfamiliar environment and way of life. This selection of color and black/white images by Alexis Henry (American, b. 1979) explores a commercial farm in Sunnyside, Washington that grows wine and concord grapes, apples, cherries, nectarines and hops. Being a native of Seattle, Washington, Alexis was amazed by amount of time and labor needed to produce a successful crop. Her sense of awe inspired her to capture the less obvious.

Into Open Country explores unpeopled land that shows marks of human passage. Helen Vogel’s series of color photographs examines our emotional responses to places that are at the same time unknown and familiar, where the wildness of nature is only slightly abridged and the open space reflects back to us what we carry within.