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New Work:

Photo Center and Seattle University Alumni

June 2 – July 15, 2013

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, June 13, 6-9 PM


Photo Center NW is proud to present a showcase of new works by alumni of our Certificate Program and Seattle University. This exhibition unites several generations of contemporary artists and vital members of the national art community. A few highlights include the following projects that reveal the depth of exploration and talent of this group of photographers.

Jessica Ishmael documents the Motels of Aurora Ave in Seattle, which has faced great scrutiny from the city and surrounding neighborhoods.  Ishmael portrays the residents as she has listened to their stories, showing that we are not so different after all.

Tara Champion, a conservation photographer, explores the unusual beauty of specimens that have been collected for scientific study.  These studies are often demonized and have become underfunded, despite the wealth of knowledge the specimens provide.

Jolanta Kotlarczyk continues from her thesis project with photographs of her daughter as a young adult leaving for college.  Kotlarczyk documents her daughter in her new surroundings and the empty house where photographs from her thesis show of her daughter as a child remain.

Rebecca Lawrence captured the moment when Minnesota became the first state to defeat an amendment that would limit marriage to be between only a man and woman, restricting the rights to LGBTQ people and their families.  Lawrence’s photographs reflect on the end of their hard work and as a reminder of work left to be done.

This year the Photo Center NW celebrates our 20 Year Anniversary of outstanding education and our non-profit status in the NW. The Alumni of our programs are a testament to our focused vision and mission as an organization.

Artists: Lisa Ahlberg, Tara Champion, Jolanta Kotlarczyk, David Adam Edelstein, Paul Ford, Daniel Gregory, Cheryl Hanna Truscott, Kim Hood, Karen Howard, Elisa Huerta Enochian, Ish Ishmael, Rebecca Lawrence, Kristina Moravec, David Regal, Jenn Reidel, Eberhard Riedel, Eva Sköld Westerlind ,Ellen Witebsky, Loewyn Young and Antonio Ysursa

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