Cass Bird, I Look Just Like My Daddy, 2003

First Mondays Member Discussion Group – May 7th

Cass Bird, I Look Just Like My Daddy, 2003

Meeting 4 of the first Mondays Discussion group is May 7th from 6-9 p.m. right here at the Photo Center. The reading will tie into the Photo Center’s current exhibition, Author and Subject: Contemporary Queer Photography, with a discussion of Judith Butler’s Imitation and Gender Subordination. The reading is the suggestion of Erin Bailey, who will also be leading the discussion. She is the co-founder of Queering the Museum project, curator of a forthcoming 2013 exhibition of queer history at MOHAI, and a graduate student in the University of Washington’s Museology Program to name but a few of her accomplishments. This should be a great discussion!

Check Out Erin Bailey’s Queering the Museum Project

Download the Monday May 7th Reading

Find Discussion Questions Here.

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