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Mar 14 & 21 – Workshop: A Dog’s World: Seeing My Dog as a Great Photographic Subject

March 14 & 21 | Sat 12:30-5:30PM
Instructor: Nancy LeVine
March 14 & 21, 2015 | Saturday 12:30-5:30pm
$300 / $270 Members

Level: Open to all
Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic DSLR camera operation
Perhaps you would like to see a photograph of your dog go viral? Or perhaps you recognize in your dog a subject for a very interesting photograph? Or, you just want to create wonderful photographs of your dog and how she/he engages the world.

Whatever your interest, this workshop will speak to the dog as subject matter. In the first class, Nancy LeVine, the photographer from, ‘A Dog’s Book of Truths‘ and ‘Senior Dogs Across America’ will share her experiences and acquired knowledge of the dog as an exemplary subject for simple or complex imagery. Nancy will bring her own dogs to class, each with very distinct personalities, and talk about how to find their visual presence. She will review up to 5 photographs you choose to bring to class from your ‘dog collection,’ (if you want to bring some to class). At the end of class, she will give you an assignment that will meet your specific challenges in photographing the dog world.

Class Two will involve reviewing up to 5 photographs that best showcase your efforts and we will discuss your experiences.

*Note, you don’t have to own a dog of your own to participate in this workshop.

To see some of Nancy LeVine’s dog photographs, you can watch her recent appearance on the Today Show and go to her website and see photographs from ‘A Dog’s Book of Truths’ and ‘Senior Dogs Across America.

Her dog work has appeared on numerous blogs including The New York Times LENS blog, Lens Culture, BBC, Feature Shoot, and PBS. ‘Senior Dogs Across America’ has had a solo show at Houston Center for Photography and one of her photographs was acquired by The New Britain Museum of American Art.

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