LONG SHOT 2011: Stacey Sanner, Tracks II - June 18, 3:25PM

Summer Teen Workshop: Creative Darkroom Photography

Monday–Friday, July 20–24, 1–5pm
Instructor: Janet Neuhauser

Level: Introductory – aimed at teens ages 14–18
Prerequisites: None

This workshop is for teens who want to learn how to shoot, develop and print film.  Using Photo Center’s great black and white darkrooms, students will learn the basics of operating a film camera:  light meter readings, depth of field, composition and point of view.  We will address some fundamental differences between film and digital cameras and how the photographer sees using both.  Each day you will shoot a roll of black and white film, develop it, and make contact sheet and prints.  Darkroom techniques include making photograms, solarization and printing with polycontrast filters.  We will also make a pinhole camera and do some short exposure pinhole images throughout the week, using enlarging paper for the negative.  Join us this summer to learn the classic art of shooting and printing with film.  See how shooting film can make you a better photographer!

Tuition Payment & Refund Policy

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