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Summer Teen Workshop: Creative Digital Photography (Sec 1)

Monday–Friday, July 13–17 | 1–5pm
Instructor: Janet Neuhauser

Level: Introductory – aimed at teens ages 14–18
Prerequisites: None

This workshop for budding photographers will cover all the basics of digital photography: principles of shooting, printing, digital imaging technology, and core concepts like depth of field, shutter speed, exposure and composition. Learn the fundamental skills you need to shoot and edit your own images, and as part of the class, print some of your best work on state of the art printers in the Photo Center’s digital lab. This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of using a DSLR Camera, but students are encouraged to bring their point and shoot cameras, iphone or cell phone cameras, and any other digital camera they would like to use to create images. As part of the creative/alternative component different methods for creative image making will be explored, including iphoneography, long exposure pinhole negs which are then scanned (no darkroom involved), and alternative printing. Join us this summer to see how digital imaging and photography can turn you into a true photographic artist!

*This summer we will be offering two Creative Photography workshops for teens: Digital and Darkroom. Both workshops will dramatically improve your technical and aesthetic skills and give you a solid foundation to continue in high school and college. Take them both and compare and contrast the two types of working with photography!

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