Roundtable: Creative Investment In Your Collective Community (July 19)

Roundtable: Creative Investment In Your Collective Community
Saturday, July 19, 4:00PM at PCNW
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POC (Piece of Cake) is a photographic collective founded by French photographer Charles Fréger in 2002. What started as a casual meeting between artists has now become a close network of photographers in Europe and North America, whose purpose is to interact as they create, and to share their talents through collaborative projects and personal discussions during semi-annual workshops.

This presentation by members of POC North America will introduce the diversity of the group while discussing the opportunities available to photographers who wish to build their own networks and benefit from artists gathering together for discussion, resource sharing, and friendships.

Online interactions can jumpstart introductions, but these introductions hardly manifest into relationships that have impact.  The spirit of POC is to resurrect the communal spirit of camera clubs, with a focus on collaboration over competition. Sharing resources becomes an integral part the creative process.

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