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April 21 | Riffs Exhibition Reception

Salon Residency: Jan–March 2016
Exhibition: April 14–June 15, 2016
Reception: Thursday, April 21 | PCNW Members 5:30-6:30 | General Public 6:30–8:30 pm

Please join us for the Riffs exhibition reception!

Seattle is known internationally for many art forms, with glass and music often topping the list. Photography, however, is rarely considered in the same strata regionally. Riffs was conceived to highlight unique attributes of the photographic medium, by bringing together eight acclaimed artists—half working in photography, half focused in other materials—to engage in dialogue and visual improvisation in a salon residency at PCNW from January to March, 2016.

Taking their cue from jazz, as the project title does, the group met monthly from January to March, engaging in studio visits, conversation, and collaboration. All residents also had access to PCNW facilities, equipment, and faculty. Leica Store Bellevue provided digital cameras to participating artists. Resulting pursuits range from augmented reality (Ginny Ruffner) to photography and social media (Catherine Harris-White) to daguerreotypes (Eirik Johnson and Daniel Carillo).

A selection of works-in-progress from the residency period will be part of the resulting Riffs exhibit at PCNW April 14-June 15.

The eight Riffs artists include: Megumi Shauna Arai, Daniel Carrillo, Catherine Harris-White, Victoria Haven, Eirik Johnson, Jeffry Mitchell, Ginny Ruffner, and Peggy Washburn.

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