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JUL 17 | IN-PERSON WORKSHOP: The Magical World of Pinhole Photography

The Magical World of Pinhole Photography
Faculty: Jenny Riffle & Janet Neuhauser
July 17, 2022 | Sunday 12-6pm
In-person Course

There is a magic inherent in pinhole photography; the very essence of the photographic process. Join Janet Neuhauser and Jenny Riffle, two experienced pinhole practioners, as they share the history of pinhole photography and their own unique approaches to making pinhole images in this one day hands-on workshop. During the workshop, we will cover different methods of creating images from paper negative to digital capture using your own DSLR. We will learn how to build our own pinhole cameras and make paper negatives to process in the darkroom. We will learn what’s involved with making both short exposures as well as extremely long exposures of weeks, months, or longer. All supplies will be provided and all levels of experience are welcome!

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