LONG SHOT 2011: Stacey Sanner, Tracks II - June 18, 3:25PM

FEB 23 | WORKSHOP: Photographing the Snow Geese Migration

Photographing the Snow Geese Migration
February 23, 2019 | Saturday 9am-7pm

Spend a whole day photographing the overwintering Snow Geese near Fir Island reserve up in the Skagit Valley. The group will leave from Seattle bright and early, and plan to spend the day learning how to and photographing Snow Geese, Swans, and many other bird species that flock to the Skagit Valley for the winter. We will stay until the sun sets to get as much good light and time with the geese as we can. You will learn and experiment with telephoto lenses and tele-convertors (several lenses will be available for students to test).

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