JUNE 19-21, 2015 | Thank You for Participating!

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Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) and the City of Seattle are proud to announce Mayor Edward B. Murray has proclaimed June 19, 2015 a citywide Day of Photography. PCNW and other local businesses and nonprofits have partnered to bring a myriad of photography-related events together on June 19, and over the summer solstice weekend. These events include Long Shot hosted by PCNW; PhotoFest, hosted by Glazer’s Camera; Arts Night at Safeco Field, hosted by ArtsFund; and Night of Disguise hosted by Seattle Art Museum.

PCNW’s seventh annual Long Shot event celebrates anyone and everyone communicating through photography, the language of the 21st century. Anyone may register to participate and shoot with any photographic device on Friday, June 19; submit up to 5 images by noon PST on Saturday, June 20; and have one image selected for inclusion and exhibition at PCNW during the community party, Sunday, June 21—the longest day of the year.



Glazer’s PhotoFest, June 19 – 21:  Glazer’s Camera is celebrating their 80th anniversary with their annual photo festival, featuring more than 30 photography vendors, and a myriad of workshops, equipment demos, and photo walks. Long Shot participants receive 50% off all rentals from Glazer’s during Long Shot weekend. Details when you register! 

Arts Night at Safeco Field w/ the Mariners, June 19: ArtsFund hosts Arts Night at Safeco Field, featuring performances by local arts organizations, arts trivia on the JumboTron, and Star Wars themed fireworks.  LONG SHOT participants will receive a discount code for tickets to Friday’s game when they register.

Seattle Art Museum’s Night of Disguise, June 19:  SAM’s opening reception of Disguise: Masks and Global African Art will include live music, artist-lead tours, performances by Disguise artists and more.  Bonus: All artwork and performances within Disguise can be photographed! (subject to SAM’s general photography policy). LONG SHOT participants will receive a code for discounted admission to Night of Disguise when they register.

PCNW Facilities, June 19: Our darkrooms, studios, and digital labs are open noon – 2AM. PCNW faculty will be on site and working — form your own cohort of photographers and burn the midnight oil with us!


Megumi Shauna Arai Ben Lowy
Peter DiCampo Spike Mafford
Anne Fenton Lance Mercer
Matthew Gamber Steven Miller
Jennifer Greenburg Charles Peterson
Wynne Greenwood Justin James Reed
Daniel Gregory Charlie Rubin
Ron Haviv Aline Smithson
David Hilliard Rafael Soldi
Heidi Kirkpatrick Rodrigo Valenzuela
Lisa Leone  Alice Wheeler


John Jenkins Kat Kiernan
Nichole DeMent Jamie Penney
Sandy Cioffi Elizabeth Brown
Deborah Paine Michelle Dunn Marsh