030_4200_Sturges_Eva; le Porge, France, 2003

Jock Sturges

Eva, le Porge, France, 2003
Gelatin silver print (edition 15/40); signed
Retail framed: $4,200

© and courtesy the artist

Jock Sturges is a fine-art photographer known for his nudes and extended portraits of families; his large-format images reference classical periods in both photography and painting. Represented by 25 galleries in nine countries, Jock’s work is found in the collections of major museums including the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art in Germany.

Jock’s work has been widely published by Aperture, Scalo and Steidl Verlag. His most recent books include mit Jock Sturges familiär, Galerie Vevais, Vevais, Germany and a new title, Fanny, that is printing now with Steidl.

Jock has taught and lectured around the world. In recent years he has been working in the world of high-fashion with publications such as L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Paris, Japan Vogue, Rebel, POP, Italian Marie Claire and Arena Homme Plus, among others. Sturges lives with his wife and daughters in Seattle.