Private Instruction at PCNW

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) recognizes that many potential photography students have a very specific need for which private tutoring is the best answer.  We seek to serve these students through offering our Private Instruction Program:

– A pre‐screened listing of available teachers including their specialties and particular
areas of expertise drawn from Photo Center NW’s highly regarded faculty.
– Centralized appointment and equipment scheduling.
– Access to Photo Center NW’s well‐equipped facilities.

PIP is available to students at the rate of $85/hour, and must be purchased in a block of at least three hours. PIP students are eligible to access the Photo Center rental facilities at the same rate as enrolled students.

How to sign up for Private Instruction:
1) Complete the Request for Private Instruction form and e‐mail to Jennifer Brendicke, Registrar at or mail/drop‐off to:

Photo Center NW
ATTN: Jennifer Brendicke
900 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

2) Once your request has been received/reviewed an instructor will be recommended and PCNW will help to coordinate the scheduling of instruction sessions
3) PCNW will invoice you and confirm payment for the desired number of instruction hours
4) Meet with your personal instructor at PCNW

At any point, please feel free to communicate with our Registrar, Jennifer Brendicke at or 206.720.7222 x14 if you have questions about scheduling, equipment availability, or instructor availability.