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Crash Course in Black & White Film Photography

May 17 | Sat 12:30-5:30pm

Instructor: Gina White, Tara Champion, Ish Ishmael & Staff
Saturday 12:30-5:30pm | May 17
$135 / $121.50 Members

Level: Introductory
Prerequisites: None

Go from camera to darkroom in just five hours. Start off by shooting a roll of Black and White film on your 35mm camera, learning how aperture, shutter speed and depth of field will affect your results. Then learn how to process your film and obtain negatives for printing. Move into the darkroom and begin your introduction to the basics of printing by making a contact sheet and selecting an image to start working with. This workshop is focused on shooting and processing film, with a basic introduction to working in the darkroom. Students looking to expand their printing experience in the darkroom should consider our Crash Course in B&W Printing – another one-day workshop devoted to hands-on experience in the darkroom.

Students should bring their 35mm camera, as well as a spare battery (if you haven’t checked it in a while), but film and paper will be provided as part of the course.

Topics covered include:
- aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and ISO: how do they work together?
- metering and shooting with a 35mm film camera
- film processing: how to turn exposed film into negatives for printing
- film developing chemistry, and how it works
- making a contact sheet in the black and white darkroom
- make your first prints in the black and white darkroom

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