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PCNW Classes

Advanced Silver Printing

April 1 - June 3 (Tue 6-9pm)

Instructor: Jahnavi Lisa Barnes
Tuesdays 6-9pm | April 1 - June 3

Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: Intro to Zone (formerly B&W III)
Credits: 3 - fulfills Fine Art Printing requirement for Certificate Program

Jahnavi Lisa Barnes, Lake Rim Guardians, Mt. Baker, WA

This course is designed to enhance and improve your printing skills using traditional silver materials in the darkroom. Methods covered include: advanced techniques for burning and dodging, flashing, bleaching, selenium toning, water bath, and split filtration printing. Focusing on the subtleties of printing for more luminosity and richness of tone, the class will explore various tonal palettes and guide students towards a deeper understanding of printing filters, contrast grades and exposure control. Throughout the course students will be encouraged in their printing experience to gain greater ability to see the potential in a negative and the possibilities within the final print.

Rental fees (not included in tuition) are charged for use of the Photo Center facilities – darkroom, digital lab, studio, etc – to complete assignments outside of class; a list of rental rates for students is available on the Hours/Rates page.

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